LEIPAI 40-SPshuttlecock (High Altitude) ( Bulk Orders)


  • Flight: A-
  • Durability: A-
  • Feeling: A-
  • Tested and approved by national players.
  • Made out of premium quality goose feathers
  • SPEED: 74′ & 75′ Speed special design for high altitudes, like Colorado,  Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.
  •  Feather Special treatment and suitable for high altitude, high-temperature areas.

Stay tuned! Expected to be available in October 2022, Accepting Pre-order now. 


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  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Made with advanced material, help to improve your accuracy of hitting.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Genuine goose feather highly durable and long-lasting shuttlecock.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Suitable for national tournament quality and club Tournament.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Hitting better: consistent flight, good stability, and excellent Control.

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74, 75


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