Do you live outside the area and need your badminton racquet to be restrung? Simply send it to our professional stringers at Store1688.com!  We have restringed racquets for numerous globally recognized players.

As registered YONEX Stringing Team members, We exclusively use the latest most advanced brand stringing machine for our daily stringing jobs, With more than 25 years of experience, we ensure that every racquet we string meets the highest standard in the world.

The stringing service includes installing a badminton string (purchased separately – please add the string to your cart purchase). Behind each stringing job, there is time spent on examing racquets, changing broken grommets, and cleaning up frames, these preparation sometimes takes longer time than stringing itself. If grommets (black plastic that protects the string from the racket frame) need to be replaced, We will replace them with up to 5 pieces for free.

To initiate the process, follow these steps:

  • Add this item to the cart and choose the desired string and tension for your racket.

  • Print out the order confirmation and place it in your shipping box.

  • Our Professional racket box is designed for reuse.

  • Ship to the following address: K&L Solutions LLC, Attn: Mail-in Stringing Service, 14905 Southwest FWY STE 218, Sugar Land, TX 77478

  • The majority of our stringing services are typically completed within 24 hours after the racket is received.

  • Racquets are returned by UPS or FedEx shipping service.

  • An additional $15 flat shipping fee will be applied for this service. However, you have the option to waive this fee by combining multiple rackets into a single order, as orders exceeding $135 are eligible for free shipping.



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Terms and Conditions:

  • Please note that we do not provide any warranty for our racket restringing service, as strings naturally wear down with usage.

  • We are not liable for any damage that may occur during the shipping and delivery process.

  • We do NOT re-string rackets with signs of damage to the frame or rackets

  • We will not hold responsibility in case the string breaks during the service when you opt to use your own string.

  • We will not assume responsibility or liability for any damage incurred to the racket when the tension range exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended limits.

  • Keep the tracking number




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