We love badminton, We love this sport!

We, as badminton fans for more than 20 years, have been trying to find a durable and good quality shuttlecock. After 5 years break-in period, we are now finally officially launching our brand K&L series;

After many many tests run by nationwide and local players, we firmly believe that K&L shuttlecocks will bring you a durable, long-lasting experience and will meet the expectations of most enthusiasts. 

K&L shuttlecocks have been successfully recognized by numerous customers in many countries. Thank you to all our clients! Our sales have now exceeded 4000 DZ / Month in the US.

In 2019,  we officially become the Exclusive Distributor for LEIPAI In the USA, We firmly believe that LEIPAI brand products will bring us a better experience. 

We are happy to have national and international contestants joining our team. We will integrate more resources and will work with these famous players to contribute to the promotion and development of badminton in North America.

We hope you will enjoy our shuttlecocks and become a member of our family!

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