LEIPAI 40-SPshuttlecock (High Altitude)


Please read before you order: Please Note, These Shuttlecocks are only suitable for high altitude, high-temperature areas only. If you are looking for shuttlecocks that using at regular sea level please use the link to check our other pages

If you are ready to order 50 tubes or more please use the  link to get a bulk order discount for these shuttlecocks: 

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  • Flight: A-
  • Durability: A-
  • Feeling: A-
  • Tested and approved by national players.
  • Made out of premium quality goose feathers
  • SPEED: 74′ & 75′ Speed special design for high altitudes, like Colorado,  Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.
  •  Feather Special treatment and suitable for high altitude, high-temperature areas.

Limit quantities available, Pre-order now. 

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  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Made with advanced material, help to improve your accuracy of hitting.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Genuine goose feather highly durable and long-lasting shuttlecock.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Suitable for national tournament quality and club Tournament.
  • LEIPAI 40-SP: Hitting better: consistent flight, good stability, and excellent Control.

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74, 75


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