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Yonex 2021 ASTROX 99 Pro Unstrung Badminton Racket [JP Version]


Note: Limited quantity available !!! Grab fast The popular ASTROX 99 pro series known for generating dominating smash power, is coming out with new technology and a new look-in…


  • Product: Astrox 99 Pro (JP version)
  • Material:
    • Frame: HM Graphite+Namd+VOLUME CUT RESIN+Tungsten
    • Shaft: HM Graphite+Namd
    • Joint: New Built-in T-Joint
    • Color: White Tiger, Cherry Sunburst
    • Weight / Grip Size: 3U(Avg. 88g)4, 4U(Avg. 83g)5
    • Made in Japan

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2021 NEW – The popular ASTROX 99 series known for generating dominating smash power, is coming out with new technology and a new look ― in collaboration with men’s singles World No1. Kento Momota. The new ASTROX 99 goes a step beyond unequivocal raw power, gaining the ability to control the pace of the game.

The ASTROX 99 is a head-heavy power racquet, boasting the heaviest swing weight of the ASTROX series. It’s known to generate a single, powerful smash, often too heavy to be speedy in recovery. In response, Yonex worked hand in hand with Kento Momota to craft a racquet that would give him both power and the ability to convert defensive plays into offense; the result is an improved ASTROX 99 where decisive power is accompanied by extended shuttle hold for enhanced defensive shot-making.

The new ASTROX 99* is equipped with the POWER-ASSIST BUMPER, a tungsten-infused weighted bumper installed at the top of the frame transferring additional weight to the shuttle for more powerful smashes. To enhance defensive shot-making, Wide Diameter Grommets are strategically placed on the frame sides, allowing strings to shift at impact for emphasized shuttle pocketing. The iconic ISOMETRIC frame has been modified by strengthening frame corners to adjust the shape and expand the sweet spot.




Boosted power with a tungsten-infused weighted bumper, adding 55% more weight* than conventional grommets. The POWER-ASSIST BUMPER enhances the Rotational Generator System, quickly transferring more weight to the shuttle.


Intricate weight distribution technology designed with the counterbalance theory that allows head-heavy racquets to recover faster between shots. By employing the VOLUME CUT RESIN and POWER-ASSIST BUMPER, the new ASTROX 99 models have a further refined Rotational Generator System where intricate weight distribution can be taken to the next level.


Control the shuttle-release timing with larger grommets designed for more string movement, extending the shuttle contact time.

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Weight/Grip Size

3u5, 4u5


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