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K&L shuttlecock # 3


  • Flight: A
  • Durability: A
  • Feeling: A
  • Tested and approval by local  players
  • SPEED: 77 Speed for Standard Altitudes like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Houston

Currently, K&L #3 has been replaced by DG-40 during the winter season.

Sold out!

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  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label: made with advanced material, help to improve your accuracy of hitting.
  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label: Genuine duck feather highly durable and long-lasting shuttlecock. Suitable for beginners and amateurs.
  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label: Suitable for club Tournament.
  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label: are similar to Yonex AS-05.
  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label: Hitting better: consistent flight, good stability, and excellent Control.

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76, 77


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