PERMANENT INSTALLATION. CTM101 Badminton Court Mat is suitable for high volume badminton court and other venues and is designed for indoor permanent seam installations. Complete with white lines in accordance with official badminton court specifications. Can be installed on top of any flat, dry surface. If installing on top of concrete floors, additional commercial grade under pad is not required but is often used for additional cushioning.

Place of Origin: China

Certificate: BWF. SGS CE ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS18001

Transportation: Ocean, Land, Truck delivery

Packaging: In the roll Packing in canvas paper



  • COLOR: Green /Blue/Red/ OEM(10 courts min)
  • DIMENSIONS: 49.2′ x 22.3′ | 15 m x 6.8 m
  • THICKNESS:  4.5 mm | 5.0 mm|6.0 mm|7.0 mm|8.0 mm
  • PIECES: 4 /court
  • WEIGHT: 900 lbs. | 400 kg
  • FASTENING: Tape Adhesive or Permanent Weld Fastening
  • GUARANTEE: 3 Year


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Product Name: Professional PVC floor design and use for badminton

Product Specifications: 1.8M (length) * thickness 4.5mm/5.0mm/6.0mm/7.0mm

Material: Eco-friendly PVC


-1. BWF Certification.

-2. Special pattern for badminton courts

-3. Two-way polyester mesh cloth is added to the stability layer to ensure the ductility and service life of the product

-4. The floor is treated with wear-resistant PVC to prevent scratches and scratches.

-5. Easy to maintain and the surface is easy to clean.

-4. Flame retardant treatment, effective flame retardant, will not cause fire.

-6. Installation is simple and easy to install.

-7. Various thicknesses and styles can meet the needs of different venues.

Product Venue:

Suitable for badminton court and other venues.


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